Flaking & Feed Mills

Agricultural Technology supply a wide range of individually designed feed and flaking mills.

Feed mills range for small, simple mash production mills for the smaller poultry farm of 1 – 5 ton per hour capacity and a lager capacity range up to 10 tons plus with pelleting for the larger poultry farms and cow, camel and sheep farms.  These can be specially designed to suit the requirements of the customer and also integrated with existing storage or similar equipment.

Flaking mills manufactured by our suppliers and promoted by Agricultural Technology have become market leaders over the last 10 years.  The products range from simple crushing mills of 2 to 5 tons per hour up to steam flaking mills ranging from 10 to 40 ton per hour capacity.

All the mills can be supplied with a range of ancillary cleaning and destoning equipment.  Steam boilers and the installation of the steam and electrical control systems can also be provided.
Modifications to existing mills are also undertaken on a one-off basis.  We are pleased to quote for this type of work.