Weighing & Data Acquisition

AG-TECH understands the importance of accurate data acquisition within the modern farming environment. We are able to supply all aspects of equipment from live stock weighing, harvested materials or incoming and outgoing products either by lorry or trailer. We can also supply a range of equipment to analyze all aspects of forages and grains.

Trailer Scales

Weighing system to control the material harvested directly in field. Accurate load cells or pressure transducers are connected to a high-tech indicator to have the perfect control of the data.

Forage Harvester

NIR Analyzer installed directly on the forage harvester able to analyze in real time the humidity (dry matter) of the chopped material. The analysis data is visible on the control unit installed in the cabin, and can be transferred to a control system of the harvester.

AgriNIR Analyzer

AgriNIRâ„¢ is a portable NIR analyzer for forages and grains that quantifies, in seconds, the percentage of Humidity or Moisture (dry matter), Starch, Crude Protein, ADF, NDF, Ash and Crude Fat of the plant material being analyzed.

Vehicle Weighing

DINA3 Portable KIT

Wheel or axle weighing in order to check the weight and the overload of any vehicle. Portable platforms easy to move and install specially indicated to create weighing station in any place. High flexibility: weight vehicles, from the small size like cars, carts, etc. to the big size like truck, tractors, etc.

DINA3 Checker KIT

Axle weighing in order to check the weight and the overload of any vehicle. 20.000 kg load capacity, static and dynamic weighing modes designed for weighing, overload prevention, fleet management and security application. Especially indicated to control the flow of the carried material and the overload trucks, it helps to increase safety on the road.

Pegasus 2 for Loaders

Weighing system for wheel/front loaders and telescopic handlers to weigh the material during the load in dynamic mode with accumulation management. Measuring the oil pressure in the lift cylinder is possible to understand the weight in the tool (bucket, hook, grab). The system is designed to operate in tough environments. Production data can be printed on our printer or stored on a memory card and then transfer and manage them easily from your PC in the office through the Pegasus Trace.

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