Waste Management & Composting

Waste management is now becoming one of the major problem areas facing farming in Saudi and the Middle East market.  Bio-security and environmental protection are now coming to the forefront of issues faced by intensive livestock farmers.  The authorities are now passing, and enforcing, much more rigorous codes of practice in this sector. 
Agricultural Technology has a wide experience in this area and has installed some of the largest of the poultry manure processing and sterilization factories in the area.

This experience in the alternative methods of economic and efficient utilisation of these wastes – such as composting – allows a broad view to be taken and the best alternatives to be advised on.  Assistance with up-grading of processed fertilizers to improve phosphate and potash levels can also be given, both for organic or non-organic end users.

Composting is one of the most popular ways of utilizing poultry and animal manure, and plant wastes from a farm.  It can be a profitable operation in it’s own right and some companies have set up to compost manure and plant wastes as a commercial operation.

Based on local Middle East operational experience, Agricultural Technology can assist with the design of a system, including the layout of a site, and the supply of all the necessary machines to implement the system. 

A typical process would be:

  • Process all plant waste materials into a ground product
  • Blend the manure and plant waste materials in windrows to a C:N ratio of not less than 25:1.
  • Add moisture to ensure correct fermentation
  • Aerate as required to release carbon dioxide from the windrow and replace oxygen.
  • Grade and pack the finished compost as required for the market outlets.

Sizes can range from a few hundred tons to many thousands of tons a year and Agricultural Technology can assist with any size of project.