Crop Processing & Storage

Agricultural Technology supplies a range of crop processing and storage projects including:

Grain stores up to 30,000 tons with full cleaning, destoning, ventilation and temperature monitoring.

Specialised rice and pulses cleaning systems including a full range of processes including:

  • > Primary cleaning
  • > Precision cleaning – gravity separators for light and heavy foreign material
  • > Air-washing to remove adhered dust
  • > Length grading – indented cylinders
  • > Electronic colour sorting
  • > Conventional packaging and form-fill- seal plastic.

Specialised chilled floor storage for storage of maize for specialised processing including:

  • > Intake
  • > Primary cleaning
  • > Floor store filling to a pre-determined level surface
  • > Outloading system from the floor store
  • > Specialised precision cleaning and grading
  • > Dispatch in bulk, one ton IBC and 50 kg bags

Flour mills for specialised wheat flour production for wholemeal and other style flours, full system with packing in conventional paper bags and form-fill-seal.