Who We Are

Agricultural Technology Co. is a company with its roots in the Middle East and its head office in Riyadh.

The Company, with over 35 years experience since 1977 in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, is uniquely well placed to assist farming and agro-industrial companies and also individual farmers.

The company represents various agricultural suppliers including:

Supreme Dinamica
Perry Poultec
Morbark Midwest

Our History

Recruited by Masstock and took over the 50 wells and infrastructure from the King Faisal Settlement Organisation; introduced 300 cow dairy unit and the first center pivots in Saudi Arabia (34).

Phased out the flood irrigation, In 1980 the farm was taken of by NADEC.

Started as Sales and Projects Manager. Introduced Stieger tractors and a range of matched equipment, also Valley center pivot sales.

The John Deere agency started in 1982 and has become one of the largest in the world. In 1985 Valmont Center pivots were over 2,500 units.

Also ran the Alkhorayef Farms Group which, starting from 2 circles in 1981 increased to 182 circles in 1983/4,

Set up the Farm and Agro-Chemicals Divisions which became third biggest in Saudi in 1988. The farm in Hail was started from scratch and finally totaled 1500 ha. Potato production for crisps and French fries, first 1 ton box system in Saudi.

Introduced the first commercially successful peanuts and the only full scale shelling plant. Tested a wide range of other alternative crops including an extensive range of legumes, sunflower, onions, field scale green vegetables, garlic.

Rhodes grass and alfalfa. Exported trial quantities of green beans, onions and new potatoes to Europe, mostly the UK.

Started selling directly a range of machinery and other products into the Saudi and GCC market.

Sold Pannar Seeds (South Africa) maize and alfalfa seed many of the large projects including NADEC, TADCO, JADCO and others.

Agent for Wolf and Wolf potato seeds (later Agrico) and sold Dutch seed potatoes to almost every large producer in the Saudi market.

Started selling Morbark waste processing equipment in 1998 and have since sold to more than 20 farms in the region from chippers to tub grinders and large horizontal grinders.

The Supreme TMR agency started in 1998 and has since become the biggest TMR mixer supplier into the Middle East area.

Chemicals trials for product registration for BASF, Rhone Poulenc, Monsanto, Novartis and others.

Agricultural Technology is a 100% foreign capital services company set up under SAGIA rules. Owned by John Lawton and continued with the same agencies as Green Vista.

Our Team